Poko-Online Berlin - Data protection statement

Berlin, 12.01.1999

POKO-ONLINE Berlin takes your privacy very seriously!

    Personal related data
  • Personal related data is all data that are stored in relation with your name or your company respectively. Personal related data, as well as company related data will be stored till the completion of the service you have requested. Of course, any time you have the possibility to request the total or partial deletion of your data. We will fulfil your request without delay.
  • Passing on data to third parties
  • POKO-ONLINE Berlin does not pass on obtained data to third parties, in particular the data will not be sold, leased or exchanged. Exclusively for the realisation of our service, which you or respectively your company will require and in so far as we use subcontractors or agents who require this data, will we transfer data up to the necessary amount. In this case our partners commit them self, according to the Federal Data Protection Act, to lawfully treat the data confidentially and to delete the same immediately if they are not needed any more.
  • General data collection
  • Furthermore do we collect collective data, i.e. data about the number of visitors of our website as well as about the pages they are visiting. This data is not personal, i.e. not related to individual persons but only of general, statistical nature. Therefore, we are not able to trace back which data an individual user is accessing.
    In the area of the technical delivery of the pages, our system stores to a usual extent, which data of our service is requested and delivered to the user. In connection to this, there will be stored among others, the moment of delivery, IP address and browser identification of the user, status notification and delivered data amount.
  • Cookies
  • To record visitor numbers of our internet presence and if necessary to deliver advertising space we also use systems of partners and service providers. Those may try to place their own cookies. Those cookies are useful to monitor visitor numbers and to deliver advertisement more accurately.
    This technical resources may allows the identification of a visitor. Nevertheless we can not access the cookies of our service providers and those are not able to collect personal data from our system. To obtain insight into a personal user behaviour is therefore not possible.

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