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From existing existence a desired brewery is arranged. To start-up a brewing master can be placed.

  1. for several sorts beer become also appropriate ferment - and necessarily, there the fermenting time between 3-6 weeks is this is appropriate for storage tanks to be clarified whether he all sorts to be brewed at the same time are
  2. if wheat beer is supposed to be done another equipment needed than for normal beer
  3. after purification of 1 and 2 the place question is to be cleared: then then one can see what it is used in used tanks and equipment, the assembly costs also depend on the Lokation, i.e. layout of the space, pipelines, tiled, because of hygiene regulation etc.
  4. Question: if you already have experience with a house brewery? - otherwise one should discuss on site or in a visit of a comparable house brewery the possibilitiesn

QUESTION: On which costs for construction and putting into operation again is to be calculated in possibly?
- Standard price for assembly and introduction, per man per day à 250 EUR.
- Travel expenses, hotel and catering go to loads of the buyer.
- However, a superintendent assembly can be also offered, presumed the customer has certified welders, assemblers, electricians on site. This would considerably reduce the price naturally.
- Carriage and packing charges can be calculated only after knowledge of the new installation place, or be organized by the end customer itself.

Machine arrangement and investment arrangement between 500 to 100,000 hl / a of sud

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